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Dr. David Costello is a professional learning facilitator who focuses on mathematics instruction and learning. He is the author of four practical math books designed to support educators in moving student learning forward.

Dr. Costello has been a district and provincial curriculum consultant and professional learning math lead for Prince Edward Island, Canada. Currently, David is an elementary school principal, who has taught in and supported single-grade and combined-grade classes. This experience has grounded David’s work in the reality of the classroom.

Dr. Costello has been a speaker at numerous regional, national and international conferences, and is a columnist for the Ontario Association of Mathematics Education (OAME) Gazette. David was an invited speaker on CBC’s The Current where he spoke about the debate surrounding mathematics (from a skills-based approach to a constructivist approach) and how teachers and districts should approach such a controversial debate. In addition to this, he has also served as a reviewer of a recently published national math program.

It is largely through these varied experiences and his passion for instruction and learning that David is sought after by schools, districts, associations and provinces/states to address their professional learning needs. He supports educators in making impactful yet manageable changes to instruction so that students can have meaningful learning experiences. David also supports systems in creating plans that shift instructional practices.

Areas of Focus:

  • Mathematical Instruction
  • Retrieval Practice (Cognitive Science)
  • Problem Solving
  • Mathematics as a Literacy
  • Differentiation
  • Curriculum Mapping & Year Plans
  • Schoolwide Approach to Mathematics
  • System Action Plans

Problem-solving cannot just be ‘Which strategy did you choose’ – that is not going deep enough. We need to go beyond the surface level to ask ‘Why did you choose that strategy,’ ‘How did you know that strategy was working,’ ‘What would you have done if that strategy didn’t work,’ etc…

Dr. David Costello

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