Dr. David Costello and Costello Math offer a comprehensive range of professional learning services designed for educators. These services come in a wide variety of formats and can be tailored to meet the needs of any class, school, and/or district. Dr. Costello facilitates both onsite and online sessions, and can create a blended format designed to accommodate a variety of dynamics.  

Below is a menu of professional learning services offered.  


Conference options include both keynote addresses and concurrent sessions. David approaches sessions with plain language and common sense, and he uses a balance of evidence-based practices, classroom connections, videos, and anecdotes to engage the audience. Click here to view possible conference topics.


Workshops, offered onsite and/or online, allow participants time to explore a topic. There are opportunities for whole-group and small-group sessions so that all participants hear a consistent message but have time to apply it to their grade level range and classroom. Workshops can be half-day, full-day or multi-day. Click here to view possible conference topics.


Participate in a one-, two- or three-part webinar series. Each session will be a live, one-hour interactive presentation filled with instructional and learning strategies, activities, and opportunities to ask questions. Sessions can be recorded so that participants can come back to them if needed. Click here to view sample webinars

Book Studies

Book studies can be onsite and/or online. If online, learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. Individual sessions will be spread out over a duration of time so that participants have opportunities to reflect on the book and to bring their learning into the classroom. Click here for a list of books.


When professional learning takes place in the classroom, teachers can see it in action and make meaningful connections to how it would unfold in their setting and with their students. As David facilitates a learning experience in the classroom, he narrates what he is doing and why. Such an approach to professional learning will engage educators and assist them in applying the learning in their instruction.

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