David has had the privilege of teaching multiple grade levels and working with a variety of teachers and schools. During this time, David has developed and identified effective instructional strategies that support students in making sense of mathematics.

From this experience, David has written four books that have been used by many teachers, schools and associations across Canada and the United States. Whether you are beginning your educational career, mid-way through it or nearing its conclusion, you will be able to immediately apply the strategies from David’s book into your classroom.

Messing around with Math

Ready-to-use problems that engage students in a better understanding of key math concepts.

Mathematizing Student Thinking

Connecting problem solving to everyday life and building capable and confident math learners.

Making Math Stick

Classroom Strategies that Support the Long-Term Understanding of Math Concepts.

Using What Works

Strategies for Developing a Literacy-Rich Environment in Math.

Dr. David Costello

Promoting Flexibilty in Math

Dr. David Costello inspires by integrating math into real-life situations, fostering critical thinking, independence, and connecting students with the world.

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