K – RP – WP11

A kindergarten class has asked for help. They ran out of time when working on a repeating pattern. What two shapes come next in the pattern?

K – RP – WP12

Paul and Ken took turns making a repeating pattern. Paul’s asked Ken what the core of the pattern was. What is the core of the pattern?

K – WP – PP11

Some students made a pattern using two shapes. The teacher was curious if anyone knew the core of the pattern? What would you respond?

K – RP – WP10

In music class, there were two groups of students. The singing group created the following oral pattern: Whisper, yell, yell, whisper, yell, yell, whisper, yell, yellThe dance group said that they reproduced the same pattern using actions. What actions could be used...

K – RP – WP9

Some students made a pattern using two shapes, but they are unsure of what comes next. Which shape goes next?

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